Boston ELITE Basketball Academy


The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to PREPARE to win.


Boston ELITE Basketball was designed to give players an entire basketball experience in one workout. We emphasize all aspects of the game into our training sessions for ball handling, shooting, plyometric, strength/core, and more.

We’ve recently hired an ex-professional boxer who helps players out in our sessions with the very important core, strength, and stretching regiments. Conditioning, explosiveness, and agility will help players elevate their games!


Players are grouped by age and skill level. The players are separated into three 15-minute stations. Every player in the gym will always be doing something; whether it’s ball handling, shooting or strength/core.

After 15 minutes are up, players will rotate to the next station with minimal rest; maximizing lung expansion and conditioning. Each time player’s finish one complete circuit (each station once); the next circuit will increase in difficulty. For example, a ball-handling station can add more balls and resistance bands to increase explosiveness while handling the ball.

At the end of each 1.5/hr session, players will compete in various 3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, and 5 vs. 5 open run games. Coaches will be watching and evaluating, making sure players are competing in structured game-like situations.




Players are put through a series of shooting drills where shooting form and footwork are evaluated. Also, players are put into various shooting situations to help improve offensive awareness on the court. We exercise every drill on all angles of the basketball court. Point of emphasis:

  1. Shooting on the Move
  2. Shooting while you’re Tired
  3. Drive & Kick & Move
  4. Coming off Curls
  5. Coming off Handoffs
  6. Fade Screens
  7. Pick and Pop situations
  8. Shooting off the Dribble
  9. Full Court Shooting
  10. Fast Break Shooting, and more. Players are also shown proper footwork in each situation.


Having good basketball conditioning is crucial for becoming an elite basketball player. Our workouts are designed to be high energy, moving from drill to drill giving you short breaks, and constructed to get you in basketball shape.

You cannot be an elite player if you are not in shape.

Great conditioning is the basis from which everything else is possible. You can be a highly skilled, highly motivated player but if your conditioning is poor you won’t get the chance to use any of those skills.


Kids today are getting bigger and stronger!

With that being said, we not only work on basketball skill sets, but we evaluate each player’s coordination and agility. Players are put through a series of rigorous core, plyometric, and conditioning drills to activate muscles they never knew existed. Players will activate all muscles, including crucial leg, core, and arm muscles. This station is run by one of our professional trainers from the boxing world, so players have a hands-on feel for what it takes to become great. Core, range of motion, and strength/core are extremely important in performing at a high level. Players need strength to complement their basketball skill.


Ball Handling is another very important skill to improve. In this station, players are constantly dribbling the ball while coaches evaluate posture, eyes up the court, and change of speed. Whether a big man or guard, these days everyone is handling the ball. We make sure all of our players are getting the proper reps to improve hands, ball control, hand/eye coordination, and explosiveness.

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